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Push Publish

Today is Tuesday, December 21, 2021 and I just deleted all the files from my hosting account for my online business directory after it had been offline for several months due to malicious actors infecting it with malware.

I am sad but also relieved about that project being officially over. It didn’t turn out to be what I envisioned, however, it took a lot for me to get as far as I did and for that I am proud. That’s not what I am posting about today though.

After the deletion I decided to log on to this website and I found that I hadn’t posted in nearly six years! What’s worse is that I have 37 drafts just waiting to be fleshed out and published! With that I could have posted one every other month over that last 6 years.

Admittedly some of the drafts are simply a couple of sentences that I saved so that I would eventually expound upon the idea when I got a moment. They need time to form a comprehensive thought worth sharing. Some may be completely nonsensical to current me, though. Who knows what all I was thinking when I saved the draft entitled The BIG Ass Barbecue? I am not sure where I wanted to go with that in long form. The note saved doesn’t lend much rope either…BUT…I’m going to sit with it for a few minutes and see what comes out and even come back here and add a link…eventually, LOL.

Soooo….I resolve to hit publish no less that 12 times in 2022. Somebody hold me accountable.


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