The Definition of Handsome

Handsome is a full bodied word with several similar but distinct definitions.

Here is how defines Handsome:


Definition of Handsome Dictionary dot com


I’ve come up with a specific focus using each definition:

1. Health – Follow me as I set and accomplish health goals to get into the best shape of my life while passing on valuable info for you to use in yours.

2. Relationships – Network with me as I network with you and other so we can utilize the power of the many.

3. Taste – Learn with me (and teach me) about what it means to develop a taste for and enjoy the finer things in life

4. Ample – Become an insider and early adopter of my business ventures and marketing pursuits and witness the journey from a little bit to a lotta bit.

5. Generous – Use with me our prosperity to aid those that are in need of a blessing.

6. Adroit – Get a sense of how I think about how the world works and how to best master it.


I am pursuing full actualization of this list using this site. Thank you for your help!


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