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Aunt Kim’s Blinker story

When I was a kid, I remember riding in the car with my Aunt Kim one night and learning something that stuck with me to this day. It was night time and we had just…

I’m Fat

No I don’t have Body Dysmorphic Disorder People always seen to give me the *pssh* face when i say that I’ve gotten fat (probably like you did when you read the title). They quickly follow…

What is the Giveaway?

I’m a pretty nice guy and from time to time I find myself with more stuff than I truly need. This is your chance to take advantage!

I think I am afraid of Haters

Self-Consciousness has stifled my progress. I’ve always been a people-pleaser to everyone but myself. I’ve always had a radical side that I’ve been afraid to let out because of what people may think about it. I was afraid that I would have…..haters.

An open letter to my neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

Today, whether you know it or not, I was extremely disrespectful to you and I owe you an apology. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it until it was too late. When I did realize it, my heart just sank because what I did goes totally against what I believe.

Don’t fight the Fourth

Yea so the Fourth of July happened. In my first post I mentioned how I was going to fast for the the first week of July. Then The 4th Happened. Its was all good until…

I like my Tea Strong

So I am sitting here at nearly 3 in the morning working on this website. I am trying to fast for the first week in July to see if there is any noticeable changes to…