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This website is here for my people. It is my own channel for expressing myself more fully.

It is a work in progress with a vision of  displaying greatness.


Why Handsome Black?

My mother appropriately named me Kenneth Dewayne.


Definition of Kenneth Dictionary dot com
via Dictionary.com


Definition of Dewayne meaning of names dot com
Via Meaning-of-Names.com


(Funny how they are both Irish in origin. I guess that means I’m lucky!)

Since I was a small boy, (mostly older) women have been telling me that I was handsome. I didn’t know what they meant before but context clues helped me figure it out. Little did I know that they were actually calling me by my name but little did they know that they also were indicating much more. Handsome is not just reserved for the attractive. It has several definitions that for me come together well as a way of life. I call it “Living Handsomely.”

Dewayne is not an exact match but just a slight tweak of the definition for obvious reasons (see picture at the top of page). I’ve been rediscovering my blackness in the last few years and with everything going on in this world (and especially America), I’ve come to the point were I need to take full responsibility for my Blackness. This means to be everything I was meant to be as a Black Man and help bring up others as well.

My purpose is to live life being unapologetically Handsome and Black. This site is my showcase.

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