I’m Fat

No I don’t have Body Dysmorphic Disorder

People always seen to give me the *pssh* face when i say that I’ve gotten fat (probably like you did when you read the title). They quickly follow this up with “WHERE?” Same thing happens when I say that I weigh about 212 220 pounds [I began writing this months before I was ready to publish it]. “WHERE?” Basically it sounds like I hide my fat well. I believe it. I was confused myself, when the scale first started climbing. Some have noticed though. I’ve have people straight up say to me “You picking up weight, huh?” others say “You been working out, huh?” Ha! If they only know that I just happen to have wide shoulders and was pretty skinny most of my life so it somewhat “looks good on me.” Yea. In clothes.

My fat distribution is primarily in my midsection and face/neck. Men on my Mom’s side tend to carry bellies and everyone on my Dad’s side has fat faces/necks. (LOL, I just pictured all of them seeing this and start rubbing their bellies/necks). As a result, I see in the mirror everyday something that others can’t. FAT!! Not just the nekkid belly in the morning fat, but with my X-Ray vision I can see the real culprit that made the scale go up while my body mostly looked the same. I’m talking about Visceral Fat. If you aren’t aware of it, get acquainted. This stuff is DANGEROUS!!

What it does is build up in your abdomen around your internal organs so you may be growing it without realizing it. As it builds, it crowds the area and puts pressure on your organs. This limits them from functioning to their full potential. For example, I’ve found since I’ve gotten fat, I can’t eat as much as I used to before getting full. Have you ever seen those competitive eating shows? A boat load of fat folks and one 126 pounder that wins it every time. How?? Well it turns out its because of visceral fat. The skinny guy has room in his abdomen for his stomach to stretch. The fat folks don’t have as much so they get full quicker.

Its not just how much food you can down on Thanksgiving that is affected. This fat creates excrement can be absorbed into your organs and eventually the bloodstream leading to soooo many of the health problems present in the average American’s life. I’m taking about , diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dang near errthang!

So what do we do? Well the simple answer is eat better and exercise more. Of course we know how hard that is with the conveniences we are afforded and the sedentary jobs we tend to have these days (I know mine is). So what is the real answer? Accountability is the key.

“Do better and bring somebody with you.”

If you want to commit to doing better, you need to bring somebody along for the ride. If you tell somebody what you plan on doing, they can tell you when you ain’t doing it. If you tell someone you are going to do something, you don’t want to turn out to be a liar right? Simply having someone there to give you that look when you on some bull will take you further than you could imagine. The external pressure can be internalized to motivate you to succeed.

Even better would be having someone who is going through the same thing. This creates a sort of competition. Neither person wants to be the one isn’t losing the weight or is caught with some junk food. Its a double accountability method.

So that’s what I am going to do. I want YOU to know that I AM FAT and NOT HAPPY about it. I want YOU to HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE for making a change in my health. This is why I have this section on this site. I will be posting periodically about my progress. Please don’t let me fall off.

Thanks in advance,


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