Handsome Theory

Aunt Kim’s Blinker story

When I was a kid, I remember riding in the car with my Aunt Kim one night and learning something that stuck with me to this day. It was night time and we had just left from getting some groceries from Meijer. As we drove back to her apartment, we took a dark road with […]

Adroit Handsome Theory

When your dreams wake you up

How do you sleep at night when your dreams are unaccomplished? That’s basically what my brain said to me last night even though I stayed up late staring at a computer.


I’m Fat

No I don’t have Body Dysmorphic Disorder People always seen to give me the *pssh* face when i say that I’ve gotten fat (probably like you did when you read the title). They quickly follow this up with “WHERE?” Same thing happens when I say that I weigh about 212 220 pounds [I began writing this months […]