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I like my Tea Strong

So I am sitting here at nearly 3 in the morning working on this website. I am trying to fast for the first week in July to see if there is any noticeable changes to my body (weight mostly because I’m FAT). Basically I’m limiting my food intake to between the hours of 10am and 8pm. Outside of that, I can only drink water, tea or coffee, and that’s pretty much it.

So I makes myself some tea in my nice stainless steel tumbler that I got for the low. I decided I’ma put two bags in instead of the one that I usually do. After I figured it was done steeping, I looked inside to see a darkness that brought back fond memories of my childhood. A time when I would walk into the kitchen lured by the enticing aroma of 8 Lipton Black Tea bags releasing their love into boiling water in a big stainless steel pot on the stove.

This hot tub of earth’s gift would then be poured into a gallon pitcher and sprinkled with TWO cups of sugar (black people) and topped off with cool water to fill the pitcher. I’d drink some hot right then and anticipate a ice cold refrigerated version later. I would probably go through nearly half a gallon a day by myself. I always thought it was the sugar that kept me coming back for more but I could be wrong.

My double walled tumbler is heated thoroughly by the well saturated liquid inside. My mouth begins to water. I reached into the cabinet for the sugar but stop myself as the thought of keeping drinks to a caloric minimum during fasting hours crosses my mind. I figure a few drops of honey should be the better option. A quick squirt of lime juice just because and I’m ready to enter the pearly gates.

As the hot tea stealthily sneaks its way through the opening in the top of my tumbler, the smell of the kitchen that the adolescent me stood in slithered into my nostrils and my heart started beating faster and my body temperature begins to rise. I had learned long ago to draw in the air that preceded the beverage in preparation of overwhelming heat that could scold my lips and tongue. The fluid finally is caught by the force obliging me to stop and retreat to judge the safety of continuing – Ahhh just right! I take in more and can’t help but to close my eyes as my chubby cheeks rise to the occasion.

I exhale as my shoulders relax and my tongue perceives the slight and just right hint of sweetness provided by the honey. Ahh yes – the dopamine activating flavor that has left its mark around my midsection. Before I can fully enjoy that sweetness, another taste arouses my senses. It is the tea itself. The orange pekoe and pekoe cut contents of my mouth is colonizing my taste buds and all I can say is Yes Lawd!! Now here I am writing about it as the first post on my website, LOL.

They say that these tea bags aren’t even the good stuff. If that is true, I can hardly wait to try the top shelf black tea. Until then I will stick to what I know.

Make mine a double.


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